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Ischia island

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Ischia island


If you are looking for a day packed with sea, sun and relaxation, which takes in some of the most beautiful spots on the island of Ischia and in the Bay of Naples, welcome aboard! Ischiaseadream offers the chance to organise private trips and tours with professional skippers who will take you on a voyage of discovery, introducing you to the greatest treasures to be found on Ischia and across the Bay of Naples. Departure and return times, together with the duration of each itinerary, are agreed on an individual basis with our customers. What is more, Ischiaseadream can arrange meals, anniversaries, stag and hen parties, and photography shoots for any event.


Ischia is the largest island in the bay of Naples, measuring 47 km2. It takes between 4 to 6 hours to circumnavigate the island. We recommend stopping off at the bay of Citara, named after the Cytherean Venus, goddess of beauty. The bay is situated in the municipality of Forio, beneath Punta Imperatore, and is renowned not only for its crystal-clear waters, but also for its sunny exposure all day long. The bay is home to the famous Parco Termale Giardini Poseidon, one of the most captivating and well-equipped spa parks in Europe, with gardens right next to the sea. Sorgeto, also in the municipality of Forio, is famous for its natural pools of hot thermal water straight from the sea. Sant’Angelo is a characteristic village with pretty coloured houses descending down towards a small harbour. Maronti, in the municipality of Barano, is the biggest beach on the island, formed of a long strip of sand running between Capo Grosso and the village of Sant’Angelo. Hills and cliffs tower above it, concealing creeks and the sites of ancient thermal baths (Cava Scura). Cartaromana beach, with the rocks of St Anna and the Aragonese Castle, situated in the municipality of Ischia Porto, is one of the most beautiful spots on the island of Ischia. Here diving enthusiasts can visit the ruins of the ancient Aenaria, the pre-Roman village destroyed by an eruption in 130 A.D., which lie fewer than ten metres down on the sea bed. San Montano is a delightful bay, renowned for its fine sand and clear, shallow waters. The bay is overlooked by the Parco Idrotermale Negombo with various seawater and thermal pools. San Francesco, near Forio harbour, is overlooked by the spectacular promontory of Punta Caruso on the right. The sea that laps the shore here is beautiful, with hues ranging from azure to transparent turquoise. The sea bed is sandy. Crossing the Ischia channel takes us to the island of Procida, the smallest of the Neapolitan islands, measuring just 3 km2. The island has preserved its beautiful fishing villages. Circumnavigating Procida we come to the islet of Vivara, home to a nature reserve, covered with dense vegetation and crowned by a tower. Coricella, on the south of the island, is a pretty little fishing village with Mediterranean-style houses. Chiaiolella is the island’s second biggest harbour. There are lots of famous restaurants and typical eateries in the area. Capri is the last island in the bay. It captured the heart of Augustus, who purchased it on his return from Egypt and had his favourite home there. We recommend visiting Capri's Grotta Azzurra, the Stacks and the Marina Grande, where you can take the funicular railway up to the famous little square at the heart of island life. This rocky island is dominated by the hill of Forte San Michele and the hill of Forte Castigliano. The attractive town of Capri is situated in the area between Monte Solaro and Monte Tiberio. The island’s other town, Anacapri, stands on the slopes of Monte Solaro.


Safety at sea can be improved by using reliable vessels and taking care due care at the helm. Never forget to check how much fuel you have before departing. For your information, here are some of the rules put in place by the port authorities and the “Regno di Nettuno” marine protected area.


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